Living Way Bible Study!
Starting October 13th (7:00 pm)

Too often the Old Testament is thought of as being the “Law” portion of the Scripture, whereas the New Testament is thought of as being the Bible’s “Gospel” section. Thus it’s not unusual to hear the God of the Old Testament as being described as “angry” or “vengeful.”  Yet, throughout the Old Testament the gracious God of covenant love reveals Himself.  He is the God of relationship, seeking to redeem and restore, protect and provide; and in the process working “signs and wonders.” 

This year our Living Way Bible study will be: “Miracles of the Old Testament”.  Witness the remarkable, intentional and gracious intervention of the Lord in the course of history and human events.  The miracles covered not only give us a greater appreciation of God’s loving action and presence in the Old Testament, they are designed to help us see the Lord’s ongoing presence and action in our lives today.

Join us for Living Way on Wednesday evenings at 7pm on the campus of Holy Cross Lutheran Church.  We meet in the Parish Hall which is located through the rolling gate at the back side of the campus.  Each Living Way class includes homework done prior to our session, sharing and dialogue based upon that work facilitated by our leader (Pastors Mark Siegert & Kevin Kritzer will be co-leading) and then a presentation by our evening leader for more in-depth exploration of the miracle at hand.

Our first class beings on Wednesday October 13th.  We will take a break from Thanksgiving through New Years and when we resume we will finish before Ash Wednesday.  You can obtain your copy of The Miracles of the Old Testament at or by signing-up for the Bible Study on Sunday (sign-up sheet is located in the Narthex).