New Living Way Bible Study!

Fellow followers of He who is the Living Way,

 In these strange Covid-days there are times when you may feel lost, directionless, and  as if everything is turned around.  Yet we can trust, for God has assured us, that Jesus is our very present Living Way and His Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.

Last fall, Living Way returned to Holy Cross as an in person Wednesday afternoon study.  This study can also be done on an individual basis, at home and we will post the in person leader discussion on line after the study. 

Pastor Nader of Salaam Ministry and Pastor Kevin of Bethany Lutheran LB rotate leader duties.  Our study is on the Gospel of Matthews historic symbol, as seen in this stained glass window from Bethanys Narthex – a winged man to highlight Matthews work in sharing Jesusancestry and thus His humanity via His Incarnation.  

The study started on Wednesday October 14th, 2020 at 1 pm in the parish hall and will continue through June 2021.  We follow the Covid guidelines & protocols as displayed in the Holy Cross parish hall for our study. Group discussion on the homework will conclude at 2pm and guided conversation and instruction from the days leader will conclude around 2:30pm.

You can connect with Living Way directly for an electronic copy of the study by clicking on the Matthew Study link below or contact Sue or Kurt Fuqua for more information.