Living Way Bible Study
“Great Miracles of the Old Testament”
(March 9th – April 6th at 7:00 pm)
The Living Way Bible Study “Great Miracles of the Old Testament” resumes on Wednesday, May 11th and then concludes on Wednesday, May 25th:
  • May 11th: Lesson 10 (Questions) and Lesson 11
  • May 18th: Lesson 11 (Questions) and Lesson 12
  • May 25th: Lesson 12 (Questions) and Lesson 13

Join us Wednesday evenings at 7pm on the campus of Holy Cross Lutheran Church.  We meet in the Parish Hall which is located through the rolling gate at the back side of the campus. Each Living Way class includes homework done prior to our session, sharing and dialogue based upon that work facilitated by our leader (Pastors Mark Siegert & Kevin Kritzer will be co-leading) and then a presentation by our evening leader for more in-depth exploration of the miracle at hand.

You can pick-up handouts for these lessons in the Narthex today or in the Church Office during the week.  If you prefer an electronic copy, please contact the Church Office ( or 714/527-7225). 
We will be taking a break during the summer and then resume in the fall (dates, plans, location and studies are yet to be determined.)