Living Way Bible Study
We will be taking a break during the Lenten Season and then resume the Living Way Bible Study after Easter (dates, plans, location and studies are yet to be determined.)

WednesDAYS in Lent @ 12:00 noon

Join us for the studies of Lenten Laments at Holy Cross from 12:00 noon – 1:00 pm in the Parish Hall.  Each week, Pastor Siegert will help us learn a specific strategy that we can use to help us find meaningful applications when we study God’s Word. Then Pastor Kritzer will help us apply each strategy as we explore a Psalm of Lament. 

  • March 22  “It’s Always Leading us in God’s Mission,” Psalm 142.
  • March 29 “Keeping it in Context,” Psalm 130.  

Lunch (casserole, soup, sandwich) will be provided.  To ensure there is enough for all attending, please RSVP by signing the “WednesDAYS in Lent LUNCH” sign-up form located in the Narthex or contact the Church Office (


Lent is a season of penitence, reflection, sacrifice, service and growth in faith; the rhythms of the life of discipleship.  A life of repentance and faith is one that on occasion ‘laments’ a situation.  The Psalms give voice to the laments of God’s people.  This Lent we will be worshipping with fellow believers from within our circuit as we venture to 3 different sanctuaries in the 5 Wednesdays of the Lenten Season.

Our Midweek EVENING Lenten Lament worship services begin at 6:30 PM and last 30 to 45 minutes.  Our Lenten worship will include a reflection upon the Psalm we studied at noon at Holy Cross.  Each location will also host a fellowship time, which is noted below…

  • March 22nd at Trinity Norwalk– “Hopelessness” the text Psalm 142.  Coffee and dessert before the service.  Preacher is Pastor Kyle Blake from Bethany Lutheran Church, deployed to The Gathering.
  • March 29that The Gathering – “Despair” the text Psalm 130.  Coffee & dessert will follow the service. Preacher is Pastor Andrew Eddins.