Living Way Bible Study
We will be taking a break during the Advent Season and then resume the Living Way Bible Study in the new year (dates, plans, location and studies are yet to be determined.)

For the Advent Season, please join us during a Wednesday mid-day Advent Bible Study (12:15 pm) focusing upon the Character of Advent in Holy Cross’ Parish Hall.

The Character focused on each week, and the promise of Advent that accompanies such characteristics as follows:

  • November 30th – The Character of Service from Luke 1:26-38 and the promise of Hope which candle 1 represents;
  • December 7th – The Character of Silence from Luke 1:5-25 and the promise of Love which candle 2 represents;
  • December 14th – The Character of Support from Luke 1:36-45 and the promise of Joy which candle 3 represents;
  • December 21st – The Character of Surrender from Matthew 18-25 and the promise of Peace which candle 4 represents.

Character is an interesting word.  If you were to say that someone was of “fine character” you would be commenting on their ethical, moral or even spiritual qualities that make them the kind of individual you are blessed by and strive to emulate.  On the other hand, if you said someone was “quite a character” you’d be stating that they are either fun or frustrating to be around. 

The Character of Advent, Who we strive to emulate, is the incarnate One.  His promised conception led many to respond in a way that blesses all who know their story.  The Character of Advent Bible Studies will help us to know their stories more deeply and emulate the Character of Advent in our lives.